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A good editor can help you turn a great research project into a successful publication.

In a competitive academic world, it is becoming even more important to communicate academic results clearly. Increasing numbers of graduate students, post-docs, and career academics are turning to academic editors to ensure their work has an impact.

As an experienced editor of scientific papers in geosciences and natural resources, I can work with you to increase the effectiveness of journal articles, grant proposals, and job applications. 

During a free initial consultation, I will work with you to determine your needs and help you select the appropriate level of service.

I do not edit papers written for academic credit. 

3 Levels of Service

Level 1 - Proofreading

I read your paper and correct minor spelling and grammatical mistakes. This level is best if your paper is complete and just requires a brief look-over.

Level 2 - Copy Editing

I will improve sentence structure and clarity and work with you to ensure that your paper communicates your results effectively. Popular among international students and those who would rather spend time perfecting academic content rather than writing.

Level 3 - Paper Planning

 I will help with all aspects of writing your paper, including writing an outline, assesment of an intermediate draft, and final proofreading. At level 3, I am your full-service writing assistant.

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