Instructional Design

I have researched and written content for a variety of online and digital courses. My specialty is the communication of technical or scientific information in a form that makes it relevant to non-specialist audiences.

The links below lead to a couple of projects I completed for Penn State Public Media. Samples and descriptions of additional instructional design work are available on my LinkedIn profile.  - educational website aiming to provide the public with unbiased scientific information on hydraulic fracturing

topcorps  - online course for regulators and policymakers in the oil and gas industry

Outreach and Blogging

The effective communication of the key points of complex scientific and technical information to customers, donors, and community members is critical in the world of natural resources. As a blogger and outreach communications consultant, I've worked with private companies, government agencies, and nonprofits to develop targeted written materials.

Academic Editing

As an academic editor, I've had the opportunity to work with the scholars of the Stanford school of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences. The services I've provided include:

- Preparation of papers for journal submission

- Resume and Job Application editing

- Formatting and style

- Paper organization and structure

I often work with scholars who speak English as a second language.

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